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Patent Watch


An overview of newly granted patents and patent applications in order to assess the competitive and technological environment.

Patent applications and publications are unique source of information in technological fields and enable a deep understanding of the business and competitive environment in which a company operates. Routinely performed patent monitoring services allow early exposure of applications and patents of competitors and companies in related fields, with the resulting benefits and insights about the market.

Patent monitoring provides identification and evaluation of:

  • competitors’ activities and future plans

  • new players

  • trends in R&D

  • development of parallel technologies

  • violation of Intellectual Property rights

  • business opportunities

  • one’s own patent resources relative to the competition


The search profile is developed in conjunction with the client and is updated according to the changing needs of the company.

Novelty Patent Search


An overview to assess the novelty of an invention that is carried out before filing a patent application.

The results of this type of review is used by the inventor and patent attorney as a basis of the decision whether or not to proceed with a patent application and is used as to define Prior Art, as part of the registration process. A Novelty Search is performed in several rounds in full coordination with the inventor. The feedback after each round is used to focus the ongoing search.

The search results report contains the following information for each patent:

  • Title

  • Abstract

  • Drawing

  • Family

  • Assignee

  • Inventor

  • Claims

  • Relevant keywords (highlighted in different colors)

  • Link to the full text of the patent

Patent searches are performed using the PATBASE database which covers over 100 worldwide patent agencies.

Patent Landscaping


Patent landscapes can provide a very unique and valuable perspective on a technology and its commercial interests.


  • Technology Trends

  • Technology and patent White Spaces

  • Leading patents owners

  • Leading patents inventors

  • Leading source countries

  • Leading patents famelies

Patent Analysis Example:

Aerial Firefighting - International Patent Activity Overview

Patent Search Tools


Hipusit represents Minesoft company which develops patent information services and tools for patent professionals and research specialists.
Hipusit provides proffesional support for Minesoft products end users.


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