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Information Search Workshops


Our workshops are designed for those who are looking for the effectiveness and creativity of a group-learning environment. Workshops can be held on a one-time basis or as part of a continuous professional development program.

We can adapt workshops to suit your company’s needs, or you can select from a range of topic areas, including the following:

Advanced Searching

This workshop will show you the latest search engine tools and how they can be used to significantly improve your results. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have an essential toolkit to help them search more effectively, including key search tools, comparisons, tips, and techniques.

Covered topics include:

  • Different types of search tools and how they work

  • How to optimize your searches and find those “hidden gems”

  • Making the most of Google and its alternatives

  • Using RSS and blogs to help to stay ahead and improve your visibility on the web

Competitive inteligence

This workshop will provide fresh approaches, strategies, and methodologies for competitive intelligence research on the web. You will learn about searching unknown areas of the web and will end up with new tools and research strategies to perform your research more effectively and efficiently.


Patent searching can be used as an effective tool for business intelligence and a rich source of scientific and technological information. In this workshop you will learn the basics of patents and patent searching using both public databases as well as the many specialized commercial databases and advanced fee-based services.

Availabled Workshops


  • Scientific and Technological Information Search Workshop

  • Business Information Search Workshop

  • Patent Search Workshop

Contact us to set up an information search workshop especially tailored to your needs


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